The Agoratic Campaign

Session 49

Day 196
A trio of wyverns teleport in while Ssay and Euchtia are preparing to leave to check up on the town. Lelyss notices the commotion, but before she has waddled her ample behind to the entrance, the intruders have been dispatched. The rider on one of the wyverns is stored for later questioning and Shelby finds a crystal hanging from a string around his neck. Euchtia takes it for further examination while Ssay notifies Aisha that there’s possibly meat to be had.
However, before Euchtia can go all necromantic on the dead wyverns, a squad of knights arrive. They turn out to be the Inquisition — whom Lelyss has called for without anyone’s knowledge! Euchtia does her best to conceal her reaction but blurts out an outraged “WHAT!?” nevertheless. There is some discussion about tactics, before the Duchess decides the Inquisitorial troops should conceal themselves rather than fortify the town too heavily, afraid that the cultists might avoid attacking.
As the inquisition leaves to set up camp, Lelyss and Ssay notice Euchtia is still up in her room. Ssay worries she has slipped back into her coma, while Lelyss asks if the vampire is mad about what happened earlier. Euchtia assures them she is fine, though her expression is inscrutable. Satisfied with this answer, Lelyss goes back to gorging herself. Euchtia takes up Ssay’s offer to “have some fun” and the two duke it out on the training field as night falls.



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