The Agoratic Campaign

Session 24

Day 139-140
With the rest of the journey uneventful the party finds the hostel asociated with the troublesome shrine. They meet the caretaker, a fat halfling who agrees to take them up the mountain. She does not get very far before she’s too out-of-breath to continue. Lelyss notes that this seemed similar to a condition her sister was afflicted with. Apparently so out-of-shape she is unable to slither more than a few inches before becoming breathless their tribe now carry her everywhere in a sedan chair. Perhaps getting an idea from this little anecdote, Euchtia uses her Talisman to summon a disk to carry the fat priestess with them.
Up at the shrine Ssay discovers that there’s a demolished section of wall behind the gargantuan statue to Yondalla. The priestess professes that there has always been a wall there so the party goes in to investigate.
Hearing voices up ahead, Lelyss volunteers to scout ahead and is more than a little insulted at Euchtia’s lack of faith in her abilities. She is, however, able to expertly sneak in and report on four unarmed women with lots of food.
Suspicious, Euchtia make sure to scan the ladies for magic before approaching them. They look busy replacing empty plates with ones laden with food and do not notice as the necromancer reveals illusion magic upon them.
The women professed they were only attending the faithful, but Euchtia and Lelyss would have nothing of it and it ended in battle with the vampire summoning her undead beasties and the Lamia unleashing a hail of arrows. The ladies defend themselves with some powerful magics, but before long a booming voice calls for a halt to the battle.
A giant woman strides into the cavern, accusing the party of raising a hand against a god’s servants. Euchtia immediately demands answers, while Ssay senses the being’s power and wants to fight her. The giant actually answers, but does not offer to fight Ssay. Instead she demands reasons why the party should not be punished for their transgression. Adeline intercedes on the party’s behalf and Shelby professes no foul intentions. Lelyss explains the party’s intentions and Euchtia shouts at the top of her lungs.
The divine being suggests partaking in the feast of the Goddess is suitable penance and everyone agrees, some more reluctantly than others.



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