The Agoratic Campaign

Session 12

Day 56 (continued)
Ssay looks forward to a nice battle with the guardian mummies, but once the first is dispatched by a fierce hail of arrows from Lelyss the naga finds that the other is gone somehow. Using her necromantic power, Euchtia has convinced the second guardian to go back to rest and it complies without complaint. This allows the party to continue, finding a room meant for embalming and not, as it turns out, for cooking. The ever impetuous Ssay plows ahead. Ready for battle, she bursts through another door in the hallway… only to find an empty room. A split second later, a stark naked woman with wings appears in a cloud of brimstone. She utters an Infernal warning and Ssay takes this as a challenge and pokes her with her spear. Surprised by the assault, the devil darts back and readies her bow. However, she does not anticipate Ssay rushing over to her, whacking her over the head and using the distraction to wrap her up in her coils. Unable to even get off a single spell amongst all that purple flesh and with the whole party bearing down on her, the devil begs for her life… or at least her existence on this plane.
After some deliberation — Euchtia and Lelyys do not like the devil’s attitude and Allayn and Rosalinde are not too keen on associating with infernals — Ssay is bored and tosses the Erinyes aside. For her own inscrutable reasons, Euchtia takes the devil up on her offer to enter into servitude. Contract signed, Euchtia immediately sets her new servant, Lilith, to work, summoning a veritable feast. Nor is she done with her infernal puppet as she commands her to get at least as fat as Lelyss!
Lilith’s food turns out be quite delicious and it is not long before both the erinyes, Lelyss, Rosalinde and Ssay are so stuffed they can barely move. The sight stirs another hunger in Euchtia and she slyly asks the snake-women for a little something to wash down all the cake she has eaten. As usual, Ssay doesn’t understand the vampire’s intention. Lelyss on the other hand, takes advantage of the situation to… “borrow” Lilith for a while. Much to the Erinyes’ chagrin, Euchtia accepts and the lamia sets the devil to work on feeding her. Lying against Ssay’s bloated belly, Lelyss lets herself be stuffed silly and soon she is so full she can barely ask her temporary slave to stop. Meanwhile Ssay, finding all the food out of her reach, drools over the treatment the lamia is recieving. Willfully misinterpreting Lelyss’ command, Lilith just feeds her charge even faster, with the lamia barely able to make a sound under the constant barrage of food. Only when the delicacies run out is Lelyss left off the hook. Breathing heavily, she is able to order Lilith to give her a belly rub to “make up for her mischief”. Under the Erinyes surprisingly tender ministrations, the bursting Lelyss slowly drifts off to sleep.
Even if the devil leaves her alone, however, Lelyss is not free from monsters: Eager to cash in on her part of the deal, Euchtia takes a bite out of the lamia and drinks deeply.

Day 57
The next morning, Ssay has forgotten how Lelyss out-ate her the night before, despite lamia’s smaller size and is eager to kick some more devil butts. Devils are not forthcoming, but the party does come over a mummified dragon resting on a pile of treasure. The creature warns them, but unsurprisingly, no-one heeds it and battle breaks out. The creature’s boasting proved false, however, as it quickly falls to Ssay’s frenzied blows and Rosalinde’s powerful earth magic!



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